Floor Leveling Latex

Apex Tilers are the experienced professionals to select when you are looking for floor leveling latex in London.
Latex is a floor leveling composite for light to medium traffic internal areas preceding the fitting of new floorcoverings. Our self-leveling floor screed is planned to provide a flat surface in both domestic and commercial buildings before applying floor finishes. It can be used attached, unbonded, moving, or without an underfloor heating system. Our team experts can also design, supply, and install all types of underfloor heating systems, ideal for use with our floor screed.

Best Floor leveling latex:

Apex Tilers understand that when you are looking for floor leveling latex services in London, you want a job that’s well done and one that is going to give you many years of use and pleasure. With many benefits over traditional floor screeding practices, our self-leveling floor screed is becoming increasingly dominant in residential and commercial sectors. Our self-leveling floor screed can cover over 1000 square meters each day using an effective delivery system. Self-leveling floor screed can be pumped from a single-vehicle on-site, providing a full service regardless of the location.

Professional Services:

Our floor leveling latex composition is designed to reduce fracturing or crack and for the lowest possible level of reduction. This means an immediate application is all that is needed, and touching up, finishing, and detailing are kept to a minimum. Our self-leveling floor screed also needs no reinforcement of the underlying insulation layer. These factors help you to keep your project on time and budget.

Job Guarantee:

We are expert installers and suppliers of self-leveling floor latex. We are also available to install and supply self-leveling floor latex. Call us now to find out how Floor leveling latex Services can support your project now. We are a reliable, dedicated, and professional team. Our company has provided floor leveling latex and related services for several years. Our expertise means you don’t have to worry. The project will be completed on time and within budget. We guarantee all jobs that we undertake and strive for your 100% satisfaction on a job well done.

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